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Fiberglass Motor Boats

Pilot Patrol P
Pilot Patrol P
Work Pro 380BR
Work Pro 320CC
Work Pro 265CC
Work Pro 240BR
Work Pro 170BR
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Aqualand Fiberglass motor boats are all unique designed from Europe and USA. The fiberglass boats are ranged from Tender dinghy 3.6meter to 8 meter fishing boats. Including Center console fishing boat and dual console speed boats called bowrider. Computer aided design from Europe design company ensures precise fit , total systems integration, seating arrangement, dashboard height, access to storage and movement through out the cockpit are all scrutinized .The fiberglass boat stringer system delivers exceptional durability and stiffness. Mostly experienced staffs assure Exacting assembly starts by accurately cutting the sheer line on the hull and deck, trim, cut hatch opening and locate hardware precisely. You will find your boat in Our Aqualand fiberglass Boats C Speed boats for sports , recreation, pleasure and family fun , also fishing boats in tender or bigger size, as well as rigid rescue boats both for sea and in shallow water areas.

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