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Inflatable Boat(Foldable)

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Aqualand Inflatable Boats and is an all purpose boat for family fun, fishing, and aquatic sports, as well as rescue and military purpose inflatable boat of law enforcement. The inflatable boat Tubes is designed in increased size and deep V bottom ensures the highest stability even in stormy weather. as well the reinforced synthetic fabric of the inflatable boat will add to your safety.
The compact dimensions of the carry bags in which the inflatable boat packed will easily fit inside of trunk of any car.Light and sporty, simple and reliable, this is the best inflatable boat in which to have fun.
Some bigger models of the inflatable boat could be designed with additional speed tubes for rescue or military purpose.
The inflatable boats ranges from 2.5 to 6.2 meters in length and is offered with 2 types of flooring:
Full rigid Deck-Portable marine purpose aluminum deck with inflatable keel ensuring the rigidity and excellent seaworthiness for greater safety of the movement while motoring and permits installation of a steering console and other equipment.
Inflatable Flooring (Air deck) C perfectly harmonizes ease of assembly with excellent navigability for those to whom light weight is the top priority..

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